Bandeau PerfEA
Used pallet rack beams

Used pallet rack is a high density storage system providing immediate access to every pallet stored. Pallets are stored one deep providing direct access to product. Used pallet rack beams are available in three styles; bolted/slotted, teardrop, and structural.
The bolted/slotted style is an automatic lock beam to column connection which is ideal for industrial and general warehouses. It provides immediate access to product and is easy to install and maintain.
Used pallet rack beam is a boltless pallet rack with assembles in minutes without tools. There are several manufacturers of teardrop pallet rack and most are compatible with each other. Ideal for industrial and general warehousing, this rack is adjustable in 2” increments.
Structural rack handles larger load capacities. With a strong secure connection, beams and columns are affixed using one nut and bolt. Frames are fabricated using hot-rolled structural steel channels for uprights and beams.
There are two types of selective pallet rack; cold rolled and structural. Structural selective pallet racks are made from hot steel. The hot steel is rolled to form I beams and C channels. Structural steel rack is more expensive than cold rolled but can handle forklift abuse. Frames can usually be repaired instead of replaced. Structural selective rack holds more weight than cold rolled.